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You can make a donation in support of a Dog and their human pal by clicking their name and selecting the donate button. You will be taken to our secure donation page where you can show your support for the wonderful animals in our care.

2017 Walk-A-Thon

Pet Name Location Begins Ends Name
Beamer Belleville Neild, Caitlyn
Bella Belleville Tidd, Pamela
Dunston Belleville McDonald, Devon
Libi Belleville Leeming, Elaine
Lucy Belleville Brooker, Jody
Olliver Belleville Geerkens, Laura
Safire & Dakota Belleville Nicholls, Jennifer
Sherman Belleville Bunnett, Al
Stanley Belleville Rockett, Frank
Taz & Millie Belleville Hardie, Cherie
Walter Belleville Camarena-Gorn, MJ